Thursday, January 7, 2010

Red pages - Policy

Attacked of all shares at the cost of her law on the time-sharing of work, Gilles de Robien (photo), president of the UDF group to the Parliament, can pride himself on the quantified support of the French Observatory of the economic conjunctures. The OFCE calculated, indeed, that “on average, over the first five years, the cost of a job created by the law Robien is of 39.000 francs”. That is to say much less than its detractors affirm it.
The measurements announced by Francois Bayrou for the reform of the university are, partly, the “posthumous” triumph of the parliamentary report written by Jean de Boishue in 1994. The transitory Secretary of State in charge of Higher education in the government Juppe I had then affirmed that the problem n° 1 of the university was the first cycle, before theorizing this thesis for the countryside of Jacques Chirac.

Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Minister for SME, the Trade and the Craft industry, called “the Minister for the rod” to have defended traditional bakery against large surfaces, brought to Jacques Chirac a survey which shows that 71% of the French are favorable to the measurements taken in favour of the small shop. A result which contradicts, entrusts it, the speech held the year passed through the adviser in image of the president of the Republic, Jacques Pilhan. This last affirmed indeed that the French were very attached to large surfaces, which were, in their eyes, a symbol of modernity. And the minister to stress that Pilhan is council of the FCD. The very powerful federation of industries of the trade and the distribution indeed entrusted to him a study on “the sociological positioning of large distribution”.
The Esprit review (photo) seeks antidotes with a noxious political situation. It could propose that France adopts the British system of the whistle blower. Left guard of the morals which whistles the skids.

At the time of the last national office of the PS, the representative of the young Socialists was based on the position of the trade union studied Unef-ID to defend the reform of the university presented by Francois Bayrou. “I insane of the position of the student trade unions”, answered him Lionel Jospin, decided to criticize the policy of the Minister for State education.
The presence of Lionel Jospin, on February 4, with the demonstration organized in front of the Senate by several association opposeds with the Debré bill on immigration has surprised several socialist directors. “About this file, it does not know which position to adopt, ensures a national secretary of the PS. Sometimes it is very careful, as at the time of the business of without-papers, sometimes it is found in the middle of more the activists.”
The communist former minister Charles Fiterman (photo), candidate for Firminy (the Loire) with next legislative, hopes to be constant as of the first turn by the unit of left establishments. It is a question of avoiding a second turn between the majority and the National front, established well in the sector.
A sentence of the agreement Green-PS made in preparation for the next legislative elections worries many socialist leaders because of his potentially important cost for the budget of the State. “Without waiting, reads one in this text, the RMI will be extended to the 18-25 years.” For the moment, this allowance is exclusively allocated with more than 25 years.
Corinne Lepage is satisfied: it received the marked support of Alain Juppe for the installation of its law on the air. In the Council of Ministers, this last required of all the ministers concerned to take care of the implementation of the provisions envisaged by the law.
Jean Puech, Minister for Agriculture under Edouard Balladur, is undesirable in the Elysium, where some of its positions to the head of the Parliament of the presidents of the general advices of France - Puech directs that of Aveyron - displeased.