Thursday, January 7, 2010

CrimevMermoz : Two New Arrests

Aged between 23 and 26 years, these two men would be much "involved in the process that went to drama but nothing to suggest that it is the shooters," said public prosecutor of Lyons, Xavier Richaud But one of the two arrested were "well known" police said the magistrate. In all, 6 men are currently held in custody and questioned in the shooting Sunday. Monday evening and Tuesday morning three youths aged 16, 19 and 20 years were arrested and "material witness" had been arrested Monday, but we do not yet know his exact links with the murder of little Amar, 12.   The drama goes back to late Sunday afternoon place André Latarjet in the 8th arrondissement.Amar, 12 and a half years was killed by three bullets of buckshot when he went to buy bread.One of his friends, aged 17, was wounded in the leg but his days are not in danger and the police questioned as a witness. At the root of the killings: a mere insult to young girls Bron who came to buy their cigarettes in one corner of tobacco open on Sundays. Two fights have broken out before the arrival of a Citroen number plates obscured by tape with between three and five youths on board hooded and heavily armed. They fired dozens of bullets and are still at large.But Monday night, at a press conference, Commissioner of Safety of Rhône departmental investigator, Mariane 
Charret-Lassagne said that "Premiere man arrested is an adult and a native of Bron but No ' is not the alleged perpetrator. He participated in one of the fights that preceded the shooting and is an important witness. The investigation continues but the trail of organized crime is dismissed as the gang war ". But with these new arrests, the investigation is moving to challenge the author of the shots that killed the little Amar.
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